Human Systems

The Human Systems CoIs provides a framework for Service, Agency, and DoD Executives, Scientists, Engineers, and Human Systems Integration Practitioners to share information, ideas, and best practices; identify opportunities; measure progress; jointly plan and coordinate programs across Department of Defense (DoD), and report on the state of the health of Human Systems and related science and technology.

  • Personalized Assessment, Education, and Training: Research and development in personnel assessment will produce integrated measures and adaptive testing for more precise assessment of individual potential, yielding improved personnel selection and assignment. While work in education and training will produce competency-based systems for full spectrum, rapidly updated, adaptive training that will accelerate learning. Together these capabilities will enhance warfighter readiness and retention while decreasing costs for skills acquisition and maintenance.
  • Protection, Sustainment, and Warfighter Performance: Research and development in this area will produce better understanding of the critical environmental stressors and the human factors yielding individual performance differences in operational environments in order to mitigate their effects. This includes designing systems that support and exploit individual differences, and developing operationally relevant metrics to monitor and assess performance.
  • Human Aspects of Operations in Military Environments: Research and development in this area will yield capabilities that exploit knowledge of combatant and non-combatant beliefs, attitudes, and norms that motivate threat behaviors. These capabilities will improve sociocultural situation awareness, enable more accurate forecasts of human behavior, and consequently yield more robust courses of action.
  • System Interfaces & Cognitive Processes: Research and development in this area will produce human-technology interfaces that enhance warfighters’ ability to focus on their primary mission. These cognitively engineered interfaces will be intuitive to use, will learn with experience, and support mixed-initiative communication.

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