Communities of Interest

The Communities of Interest (CoIs) were established as a mechanism to encourage multi-agency coordination and collaboration in cross-cutting technology focus areas with broad multiple Component investment. CoIs provide a forum for coordinating Science & Technology strategies across the Department, sharing new ideas, technical directions, and technology opportunities. The scope of the 17 CoIs is detailed in the Tier 1 Taxonomy below, and on the CoI pages.

Communities of Interest (CoIs) Tier-1 Taxonomy and Descriptions

Icon: Advanced Electronics

Advanced Electronics

The technologies encompassed by this CoIs include those that provide for the processing of information...

Icon: Biomedical ASBREM

Biomedical ASBREM

The purpose of this CoIs is to sustain and improve the program's responsiveness to medical readiness and warfighting needs...

Icon: Counter-WMD


Communication among the Components for the discovery of innovative technologies enhancing DoD capabilities in CWMD

Icon: Energy and Power Technologies

Energy and Power Technologies

Provide technologies to enable intelligent power & energy management to enhance operational effectiveness.

Icon: Human Systems

Human Systems

Develop and deliver innovative human-centered technologies to select, train, design, protect, and operate for improved and quantified mission effectiveness.

Icon: Space


Facilitate collaboration and leveraging of complementary investments of the space S&T efforts performed by the DoD

Icon: Air Platforms

Air Platforms

A standing forum for developing consensus and identifying S&T issues related to air platforms

Icon: C4I


This CoIs will coordinate the DoD C4I Science & Technology (S&T) portfolio investment and review DoD organizations’ strategic plans

Icon: Cyber


Collaboration between DoD components leading to the discovery of innovative technologies in cyberspace

Icon: Materials and Manufacturing Processes

Materials and Manufacturing Processes

National leadership in developing technology-based options for advanced materials and processes for the Department of Defense

Icon: Weapons Technologies

Weapons Technologies

This CoIs serves as the mechanism for the Military Services and Defense Agencies to work together to enhance the DoD S&T programs

Icon: Autonomy


This CoIs will closely examine the DoD’s S&T investments in the enabling of autonomous systems

Icon: Counter-IED


Multi-agency coordination is cross-cutting S&T focus areas that have particular benefit addressing the enduring challenge presented by IEDs

Icon: Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare

Military action involving electromagnetic (EM) and directed energy to control the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS).

Icon: Ground and Sea Platforms

Ground and Sea Platforms

Topics associated with a broad range of platform technologies for both ground and sea systems

Icon: Sensors


A forum for sharing new ideas, technical directions and technology opportunities









Alumni CoIs

Icon: Engineered Resilient Systems

Engineered Resilient Systems

Service and Acquisition Community concepts related to the ERS S&T portfolio